The threads of Cloudboy continue to diverge and interweave as the various members are following their erstwhile individual paths - which is to say that everybody is spread over the globe doing their own and collaborative things, musical and non-musical. No specifically Cloudboy-related concerts or recordings are currently being planned, but if you're after any tidbits, the "Cloudboy Unauthorized" myspace page would be a good place to start!

Ongoing items of interest:

Demarnia Lloyd and Stuart Harris have a track, "Long Ride", on the Audio Foundation CD "Dirt Beneath the Daydream" in The Wire. Check it out, it's a great track on a great sampler of current experimental music in New Zealand.
Johannes, in the meantime, has finished his third "Sleepytime" album - "The Twilight Drone" (DVD + CD), available from Monkey Records
, a 50-minute ambient film with accompanying drone piece. He has also released an album with Jay Clarkson, "Over the Mountain", which is out on Arch Hill Records. His third project, the improv lo-fi drone rock band Bad Statistics, has released two albums by now, the LP "Static" on Belgian label Kraak and the CD "Lucky Town Gone" on Pseudoarcana. A third album is currently in the making.
John White's new project is "The Blueness", with one EP released so far and aUS tour possibly coming up soon.